M. Y & Union HK Pvt Ltd. began as a trading establishment of garment accessories, evolving into globally reputed manufacturers and suppliers of all kinds of polyester and
metal garment trims in the past 24 years.

From its humble beginnings as a trading establishment of garment accessories, to becoming a renowned manufacturer of a vast range of polyester and metal garments; over the past 24 years M Y & Union HK Pvt Ltd has evolved to become a reputed name within the industry.

With their proven expertise and vast knowledge of the garment industry, M Y & Union has ventured onto manufacturing electronic intelligent equipment and machine vision system integrators. They also specialise in the development, production, sales & services of visual dispensing. Backed by the knowledge & experience of a sturdy sales and technical team, the company has produced dispensers and high precision sprays, thus bringing to fruition years of development and innovation efforts.

The precision of glue machines, colouring machines & painting machines have enabled the company to successfully promote the machinery worldwide. From Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Italy, Spain, India, USA and to many other countries, the machines have been promoted with the aim of establishing an agency network with the approval of the global customer base.

Widely used in polyester badges, metal trims & accessories, hardware, badges, signs, window grills, stickers, hanging tablets, plastic jewellery, hardware accessories, smart cards, zippers, dice, automotive electronics, electrical appliances, speaker electronics, crafts, LED, solar, mobile phone notebooks, micro-transformers, transformers, inductors and various other precision electronic components and  industries in the glue filling and coloring sectors, make use of these contemporary machinery.

Features –

  • The MYU-300 Models adopt WINDOWS XP English operating system and are user-friendly, with an English interface that’s easy to learn, understand & operate.
  • These machines adopt a unique intelligent fast recognition positioning system and a high-definition digital camera positioning. This enables the correct gap between manual and fixture which result in increased precision and accuracy rates, throughout production.
  • The amount of glue (0.001-100mg), thickness, dispensing time, dispensing speed and stopping time can be changed freely. The amount of glue is stable and does not leak epoxy.
  • The product can be placed freely, the system can automatically identify the location to automatically dispense the glue, and the optional pressure barrel storage operation saves the glue changing time. These machines have a plastic head for application of independent intellectual property rights. The hardware time control glue switch is adopted, and the glue is quick while the precision is high.
  • Single and double glue working platforms can automatically cycle through the action to achieve uninterrupted dispensing work. Objects that are not recognized by the unit three times will automatically stop. Users can customize the time of the loop and use it in one machine.
  • According to the stroke, the platform and the glue gun can be heated.
  • Operations done traditionally by hand can now be done with the use of this state-of-the-art machinery, eliminating the need for the time and cost of 10-15 workers.
  • Damage percentage is less than 1%

Technical Parameters

ModelMYU-300-1 (Single Colour)
MYU-300-2 (Double Colour)
Effective Area300mm*250mm*60mm
Maximum Moving Speed1000mm/s
CCD Resolution0.05mm
Programming InterfaceWindows XP
Visual SystemIndependent research and development of visual capture positioning system software
Dispensing MethodPoints, lines, circles, arcs, coating, gluing or any irregular curve
Power SupplyAC200-240V,50-60HZ,2.6KW
Adjustable Temperature0-1000
Total Weight±400kg

Application Range

This machine is suitable for fluid dispensing/spraying:

  • UV glue
  • Silica gel
  • AB glue
  • Black glue
  • Red glue
  • COB glue
  • Solder paste
  • Thermal grease
  • Instant glue
  • Silver glue
  • EMI conductive glue
  • PU crystal glue
  • Epoxy resin
  • Paint
  • Ink
  • Glue
  • Fluid

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